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Not bad. The scenario is funny and perfectly fits the short run-time.
The art style is decent. The movements look a little bit stiff, but that's something most people can look past. Beyond the stiff movements, the animation is done well.
Very nice job overall.

SpidyBawlz responds:

this was my 1st cartoon in 2014 i couldve redone it but i wanted to keep it like this for memories to see how far ive come , thanks for your kind words and your advice much appreciated

A decent animation.
The story is just enough to reel the viewer in and keep them interested for the rather short run-time.
The joke wasn't too bad. I will admit that I did not expect the punchline. It was sort of funny, however, one thing that would probably help make this better is the voiceover. It sounds rather plain; there really is no feeling there. If maybe a little more feeling was put in, it would help make the short more engaging and the punchline would hit harder.
The art style is simple and the animation is fine, but that at least suits everything.
Overall, not bad.

The art style is rather crude, but the actual animation is at least fluid and flows well enough.
The premise wasn't too bad either.
Overall not bad.

TonyAMO responds:

Well, I had to make do with a mouse, but I made up for it by coming up with a good joke. Thanks!

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The game is designed spectacularly, as it mixes sprite work from numerous Nintendo games like one would mix peanut butter and chocolate.
The game is made fun by letting you see how many different Nintendo characters would handle being in Mario's game.
This is a classic fanmade game. One of my favorites.
Playing this game now brings back so many memories of playing it when I was much younger!

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When you can hear through the poor quality, you can make out a sick ass song.
Would love to hear a re-recording of this.

GoreBastard responds:

Cheers buddy! Maybe one day I'll get round to that!

Awesome metal instrumental!
I feel like it is much better off without any vocals.

YaboiMatoi responds:

Hell yeah, man!
I always thought if I could somehow approach vocals in my stuff but it's not like I can sing or anything haha.
I'm glad you enjoy it! Thanks! :D

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Looks great. I love how soothing this is to the eyes. Nothing too colorful or overpowering; nice and simple.

Love the art. Great band as well.
The sound of the bomb falling gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

It's a nonstop disco, betcha it's Nabisco, betcha didn't know

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